QiTender Acupuncture

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

- Buddha


Cultivating Wellness and Offering Hope

Meet Deborah Godwin

Deborah Godwin’s passion for acupuncture began thirty-three years ago when she was first seen as a patient.  After literally decades of suffering with migraine headaches, she was introduced to this amazing form of healing by Robert (“Bob”) Duggan at the Acupuncture Institute of Maryland/Tai Sophia (now the Maryland University of Integrative Medicine) in Laurel.  

Acupuncture effectively eliminated Deborah’s migraines.  She then chose to study this powerful healing modality in order to help others-- just as she was helped. Deborah became Bob’s student; and he became her inspiration. He continues to be today.

As a living testimony to the advantages of healing with acupuncture, Deborah practices this form of Chinese medicine in Richmond, Virginia with pure sincerity of heart, and uncompromised care.

Deborah Godwin, L. Ac.

Deborah Godwin, L. Ac.

Deborah is a NCCAOM certified Diplomat

Deborah is a NCCAOM certified Diplomat

How Does She Do It?

Deborah practices a medicine that honors the uniqueness of each individual. Instead of treating symptomatically, she treats the root cause of each imbalance in order to restore her patient’s ability to heal. Her patients typically experience more than merely a temporary relief from ailments. They even sometimes notice other areas of improvement before noticing changes in the original condition that first brought them to acupuncture, thus validating the overall power of her treatments.

Deborah Godwin’s practice is grounded in J.R. Worsley’s teachings of Traditional “Five Element Acupuncture.”  It is based on the Law of the Five Elements which is the belief that we are not separate from nature; indeed, these same movements and transformations of life’s rhythms move within us. If we observe and live close to the energy of each season, we can create the harmony and balance needed to cultivate and maintain wellness. When we drift from these rhythms, illness is the result.

Each element-namely spring, summer, late summer, fall, and winter – is associated with an emotion, an organ, a color, a sound, a pulse, and an odor. Deborah uses these diagnostic tools to assess her patient’s “qi.”  This vital life force, or “qi” (pronounced “chee”), allows her to treat the individual’s mind, body, and spirit concurrently. By learning your story and assessing your specifics, Deborah forms a partnership with each of her patients.  Her treatments are crafted according to what shows up in the treatment room. Her goal is to identify imbalance, restore health, and prevent future disease; and to maximize each patient’s own ability to heal and cultivate their wellness.

While different acupuncture points correspond to different parts of the physical body, the emotional and spiritual body is also treated during each session. The unique specifics of each person are assessed by Deborah. She observes the twelve Chinese pulses, the patient’s tongue, their color, their sound, their odor, and their entire range of emotions.